Questions about ICBAN

What does ICBAN stand for?

Irish Central Border Area Network (Ltd). For more information on our organisation, please refer to the About Us section of the site.

What does ICBAN do?

The Irish Central Border Area Network (ICBAN) Ltd. is a Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland network of 10 member councils – Armagh City & District; Cookstown; Dungannon & South Tyrone; Fermanagh; Omagh; Cavan; Donegal; Leitrim; Monaghan and Sligo – with one common aim: ‘to respond to the unique economic and social needs of the ICBAN region.

ICBAN represents a platform on which to establish and influence cross border regional policy and a framework for delivery to meet the needs and potential of the ICBAN area. ICBAN will work through its member organisations, key stakeholders and partners to ensure delivery of a range of actions that meet the needs of the region.

What is the difference between ICBAN and INTERREG?

ICBAN (the Irish Central Border Area Network) is an organization. INTERREG is a European-wide funding Programme specifically for cross border activities. Part of ICBAN’s work in the region is funded through the EU INTERREG IVA Programme.

Cross-Border Questions

What defines Cross-Border?

The Philosophy of cross-border co-operation is that of genuinely joint co-operation between two neighbouring border areas and the first principle of cross-border programmes is partnership. A project is cross-border in nature if partners of both sides of the border participate in terms of content, organisation, staffing or funding.

INTERREG IVA Programme Questions

What are the aims of the INTERREG IVA Programme?

The aims of the INTERREG IVA Programme are:

·         To strengthen and deepen cross-border co-operation by supporting strategic plans and projects which maximise the   impact of funds;

·         To support strategic cross-border co-operation for a more prosperous region; and

·         To improve access to services to enhance the quality of life for those living in the eligible area.

What are the priorities of the INTERREG IVA Programme?

The INTERREG IVA Programme will be delivered through the following two priorities:

Priority 1 Co-operation for a more prosperous cross-border region – to diversify and develop the economy by encouraging innovation and competitiveness in enterprise and business development and promoting tourism; and

Priority 2 Co-operation for a sustainable cross-border region – to support activities that promote cross-border co-operation in policy development and improve access to services to improve the quality of life for those living in the eligible area.

How much money is available from the INTERREG IVA Programme?

A total of €256 million is available in the INTERREG IVA Programme.

This is broken down into indicative amounts per priority as follows:

Theme                 Indicative Budget

Enterprise              €70 million

Tourism                €30 million

Collaboration         €65 million

Infrastructure         €75 million

€16 million has been allocated to technical assistance, focusing on two areas: programme information and publicity, and management, monitoring and evaluation of the INTERREG IVA Programme. Further information can be obtained by visiting

Submitting Claims

How do I fill in claim forms?

Please click here to go to Publications/Finance for guidance notes.

Where Can I..?

Can I get a copy of the logos and the correct wording for Acknowledging Funding?

The correct wording and use of logos can be found in the publicity guidance page, any further queries should be directed to the Communications Officer. (link to guidance page).

For further information and downloadable logos please click here to go to Publications/Media Documents.