Border Compass

Navigating border challenges in 2018 through the Border Compass Project.

ICBAN recognises that the impacts of globalisation, macro-economic shocks, political challenges and Brexit are creating a volatile and rapidly changing world. These challenges are often felt more acutely in peripheral, disadvantaged areas such as the border regions. The need therefore for maintaining and enhancing good cross-border relations in areas such as the Central Border Region is extremely important and current.

To help address some of these issues, ICBAN has developed ‘The Border Compass’ project which has been funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Reconciliation Fund. This initiative will carry out a survey and a series of focus groups with citizens from across the Region to understand the issues and concerns around the prospect of Brexit implementation.

ICBAN will also engage with young people and hard-to-reach groups in the Central Border Region on bettering their civic engagement on a range of issues and to identify three cross-border youth champions by completion of the project in late 2018. The project will feature a good practice study on other regions in Europe faced with similar border challenges, to integrate the relevant learning into this cross-border area.

The unique circumstances of the Central Border Region, with its rurality, peripherality from Dublin and Belfast, smaller settlements, local identities and reliance on micro industries and SMEs, requires a unique approach in leadership and navigation to address these challenges and to help maintain good relations and foster reconciliation. It is intended that Border Compass will engage with communities on these issues.