Post-graduate student, Ms. Laura Sierociuk has recently completed her internship with ICBAN. Laura, who is originally from Poland, is currently a MA student on the Global Security and Borders Programme with Queen’s University Belfast and will graduate in December 2022. Her internship included producing a paper on ‘The Ulster Canal Regeneration Project: Reimagining the Central Border Region’s Tourism Infrastructure’. The methodology included desk research, identifying a number of relevant best practice examples, and a series of interviews with key stakeholders.

The study examined a number of key themes in relation to the ongoing development of the Ulster Canal, whilst exploring the opportunities and benefits of the development for the wider region.

Speaking of her internship, Laura said, “I chose to undertake this research project because I was interested in the way that ICBAN was collaborating with Council representatives from both sides of the border to influence regional policy regarding the progression of the Ulster Canal, and the way that it could positively impact the entire Central Border Region through increased cross-border mobilities. I have gained a lot of insight into how such decisions can be taken to reach consensus at local and regional government levels. This has expanded my academic interest in policy analysis and it is now something that I wish to pursue further in my future career”.

ICBAN commends Laura on her completed work, especially given that she had little prior knowledge or first-hand experience of the area. The FRP Sub-Committee Co-Chairs Councillor Gary Doherty and Councillor Eamon McNeill thanked Laura for her research paper and stated that it will be invaluable in helping to promote the case for the further development of the Ulster Canal, to the betterment of the Central Border Region.