Broadband Telecoms

Working to improve connectivity infrastructure solutions in the Central Border Region.

Some of the poorest broadband and mobile connections can be found in the Central Border Region, on both sides of the Ireland-Northern Ireland border. Empowered by member Councils, ICBAN has been actively working with and engaging to help bring about much-needed technological and infrastructure improvements across the area. Since 2012 the organisation has driven a number of initiatives to investigate, analyse and profile the value of broadband infrastructure improvements. These improvements are necessary to help local communities and businesses realise the benefits that stand to accrue from digital and technological advances.

Most recently, ICBAN has engaged with industry experts, The Bit Commons, to produce a series of reports for both Northern Ireland and Ireland. The most recent of the reports for Northern Ireland outlines a possible approach to securing the widespread deployment of a Direct Fibre Access service for all of Northern Ireland and details how the £150 million agreement for ultrafast broadband could be delivered. The most recent report for the Republic of Ireland, ‘The National Broadband Plan: Delivering on the Promise’ makes a number of recommendations on how the Plan could be efficiently delivered  in the County Council areas of the Central Border Region. These reports and other related documents produced by ICBAN, including consultation responses, can be accessed in ICBAN’s online Library.