The Framework of Regional Priorities

Presenting a strategic response that is unique and tailored to the assets and characteristics of the Central Border Region.


The border region on the island of Ireland is meeting some of its greatest challenges for a generation: the COVID-19 pandemic, climate disruption, and the exit of the UK from the European Union.

These have given rise to a developing conversation across the border region about how these might impact on future joint working. Amid current uncertainties and political differences, there remains a widely held commitment across local authorities, border communities and other community/voluntary groups within the region to continue working together, to preserve the gains already achieved and to realise potential benefits for future generations.

Cross–border cooperation takes on a new symbolic and practical significance in this new geo–political environment. It is important therefore to think in terms of mutual benefit and collaboration, rather than competition and divergence.

Stakeholders in the Central Border Region can do this by building on existing relationships, and helping realise the ambitions which are set out within this Framework document for the period 2021–2027.

The Framework presents a strategic response that is both unique and tailored to the assets and characteristics of this particular region. In working together to advance the regional priorities, the Central Border area can become a thriving, resilient, vibrant, and diversified region. This can be achieved through delivering on key strategic priorities:

  • in utilising our regional strengths and assets,
  • in supporting economic development,
  • in enhancing citizens’ quality of life,
  • in making greater use of connections and remote working,
  • and in developing our tourism offering.

The Framework of Regional Priorities for the Central Border Region 2021-27′ is available to download from the ICBAN Library.

A Synopsis version is also available.



Virtual Launch Event – Wednesday 24th March 2021

The virtual launch event was held on 24th March. A recording of the event can be accessed here. 

The presentations from the launch can be found in the ICBAN Library:


The Press Release from the event can be viewed in ICBAN’s News.